About Physicality DC

Physicality DC is a community of athletes and coaches formed around a shared passion for bodyweight fitness, sustainable health, and continuous self-improvement. We own and operate a fitness studio on the H Street Corridor in Washington, DC that provides world-class instruction and facilitates meaningful life change. It is our goal to continually lead, motivate, and inspire others by taking a genuine, focused, and compassionate approach to health and well-being.

We aim to achieve this vision by offering group classes and personal training focused on building strength and improving flexibility. Our coaches utilize methods drawn from a wide variety of athletic pursuits, including gymnastics, weightlifting, martial arts, and more. When you walk through the door at Physicality DC, expect to be greeted by others ready to work alongside you towards common self-improvement goals.



Chris Garay

Owner & Coach


Chris Garay is the owner and operator of Physicality DC. Chris grew up playing multiple sports before shifting his focus to music in high school. After performing at a high level as a snare drummer and drumset player, he then served as Director of the George Mason University Indoor Drumline. Chris attended the University of Virginia, where he earned a degree in philosophy and religious studies and did graduate work in social psychology and well-being.

As an adult Chris has trained in a wide variety of endurance, strength, power, and bodyweight sports. He has spent countless hours attending workshops and studying under many high-level coaches in gymnastics, weightlifting, strength and conditioning, and more. Chris is interested in helping change people’s lives for the better, and he is always striving to learn and improve.

Certifications and Seminars Attended

  • KILO Strength Society: Primeight, Advanced Strategies to Program Design Levels 1 & 2, Applied Exercise Technique

  • Functional Range Conditioning: Mobility Speciality & Kinstretch

  • GymnasticBodies: Trainer, Athlete, and Former Affiliate

  • Stretch Therapy for GST with Kit Laughlin

  • Handbalancing and Movement with Yuri Marmerstein

  • Poliquin Group: PICP Level 3 and BioSignature Level 2

  • OPEX Fitness CCP: Assessment and Program Design

  • USA Weightlifting: Sports Performance Coach

  • Dragon Door: Russian Kettlebell, Progressive Calisthenics

  • Beast Skills Seminar with Jim Bathurst

  • CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Endurance

Chris Garay

Cory Hill



Cory Hill is an athlete and coach based in the Washington, DC area. Born in Northern Indiana, Cory grew up competing in Track and Field, Taekwondo, and Boxing. Still a competitive athlete, Cory has won both a Junior World Title in Traditional Taekwondo and a Senior National Championship in Sport Taekwondo.

Cory has certifications in Personal Training, Taekwondo, and Gymnastics Strength Training, and he has also learned a lot from his time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He enjoys helping people improve their mobility and bodyweight training, and when not in the gym you can usually find him on the beach or trying to crush some mountain bike trails.


  • Dark Horse Rowing Coach

  • Chinese Weightlifting Level 1

  • GymnasticBodies Certified Trainer

  • International Sports Science Association CPT

  • Kukkiwon Certified Instructor

  • American Taekwondo Association Instructor

  • USA Taekwondo Level 1 (in progress)

Cory Hill

Shawn Stone



Shawn Stone, MFA Dance - University of Maryland 2019, has 20 years of movement teaching/coaching experience, including gymnastics, dance, yoga and acrobatics. He began coaching gymnastics at the age of 16 upon starting his own tumbling program for his community in rural Iowa. He is a four-year NCAA letterman from the University of Iowa, where he earned his degree in studio art and communication studies. His experience coaching gymnastics ranges from all ages, skill levels, and different regions with the U.S. Shawn began his career as a performing acrobatic artist in 2006, culminating in three years at Le Reve, The Dream - Wynn Las Vegas (2010-2013). Graduate studies in dance has expanded his understandings of the body-mind alliance and furthered the development of his own multi-disciplinary research and technique in movement.

Along with coaching at Physicality, Shawn continues to teach dance and creative process while focusing on his own works of visual art and multi-disciplinary choreographic works. As a teacher and practitioner, he is passionate about the range of potential each individual contains, and the abilities to develop discipline in pursuit of the embodiment of this potential.

Shawn Stone